Aromatherapy for Fatigue in Hypothyroidism (ORIGINAL FIW RESEARCH)

Aromatherapy for Fatigue in Hypothyroidism (ORIGINAL FIW RESEARCH)

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"This study reveals that an inhaled essential oil, when used regularly over the course of two weeks, has the ability to significantly reduce fatigue scores among women with hypothyroidism." -  Dr. Jessie Hawkins, lead researcher

In this 2-part event, recorded May, 2018, Dr Hawkins takes you through some groundbreaking research conducted by the Franklin Institute of Wellness research team. 

You will also discover how the data were analyzed and what specific results can be expected from essential oils. Learn which symptoms of fatigue were unchanged and how the oils specifically affected energy levels. Discover which essential oils and key chemicals were used in this study. The proprietary blend from this study is not shared, but you will have details and tools to create your own personalized formulas.

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Release Date: May, 2018  
Videos Included: 2 
Additional Files Included: 2 PDFs w/ notes and formulas