Antimicrobial Herbs and Oils Recording (4-Part Series)

Antimicrobial Herbs and Oils Recording (4-Part Series)

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Antimicrobial products are ubiquitous in modern households but epidemiological and environmental health studies reveal that many of these household items may cause more harm than good.

In this recorded 4-part event you will learn how to replace common items in your medicine chest and in your household supply closet with safe and effective botanical alternatives.

Whether your goal is to boost first-aid efforts with natural solutions or to achieve effective sanitation of bathrooms and sickrooms, this seminar provides the education and hands-on activities to help you master these new skills.

This event was taught by FIW Director and botanical researcher Dr. Jessie Hawkins, and includes 4 unique online sessions on various antimicrobial applications of essential oils. 

Package Details:

Release Date: May, 2018  
Videos Included: 4
Additional Files Included: 4 PDFs w/ notes and formulas