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Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Birth (4-Part Series)

Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Birth (4-Part Series)

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Essential oils have many uses throughout pregnancy and childbirth but finding accurate, evidence-based information can often feel like a fruitless challenge. Both extremes–total avoidance and widespread use–are fraught with dangerous inaccuracies, leaving you to find your own path during one of the most important times of your life. 

This 4-part session, taught by Dr. Jessie Hawkins, covers the herbs and essential oils that can be used safely and effectively during pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period.

Skipping over the fear mongering and the pseudoscientific sales pitches, you will find nothing but balanced, science-based information in this full day event, empowering you to make safe and effective decisions for your family. 

Package Details:

Release Date: March, 2018  
Videos Included: 4
Duration: 3 hours, 32 minutes total 
Additional Files Included: 4 PDFs w/ notes and formulas