Interpreting Essential Oil Research (4-Part Series)

Interpreting Essential Oil Research (4-Part Series)

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New research on essential oils is being conducted and published at a rapidly increasing rate. As an essential oil enthusiast or aromatherapist, how can you possibly keep up with all of the latest findings? One key to keeping your essential oil uses and practice up-to-date is learning how to evaluate and interpret the abundance of clinical research.

In this online class, taught by essential oil researcher Dr. Jessie Hawkins, you will get the inside scoop into how scientific studies are conducted, assessed, and evaluated with some tips and tools you can use to better analyze the quality and applications of studies that interest you.

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Release Date: June, 2017  
Videos Included: 4
Duration: 2 hours, 54 minutes total 
Additional Files Included: 4 PDFs w/ notes