Summer Series: Botanicals for First Aid

Summer Series: Botanicals for First Aid

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If you are not using herbs and essential oils in your first aid kit, you are missing out on a great opportunity for effective yet safe and noninvasive solutions for the whole family. In this workshop, you will learn the must-haves for a botanical first aid kit, including formulations you can make at home in a matter of minutes. Solutions include basic first aid for all ages.

This workshop is part of the Summer Series- an 8-part educational adventure diving deep into the practical applications of herbs and essential oils exploring many relevant topics. This Botanicals for First Aid workshop includes 4 videos containing 2 classroom based educational classes and 2 sessions of laboratory projects complete with product formulas.

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Release Date: June, 2018 

Videos Included: 4

Duration: 123 minutes

Additional Files Included: 1 PDF w/ notes and formulas